"...someone who is solely there to support you..."

"We make choices every day but we don’t often consider what the impact of those choices will be. It’s not until we look back that we can see how one small decision changed the course of our lives. This is true of my experience with Alison. It started with an email just to inquire what her approach was all about and before I knew it, I had committed to a three-month program! From the moment I sat down in front of her, I somehow felt like she just “got me.”  Her keen observation skills and strong intuition allowed her to see not just the person she had sitting in her office, but the person that was deep in there, struggling through all the digestive issues and illness to get out and be free. She was honest and straightforward about what I would need to do to attain my goals and reach a place of health, yet she was always there checking in and sending little notes of encouragement. Having someone who is solely there to support you and keep you on track is absolutely INVALUABLE when you are trying to make big life changes and I could always count on Alison to be exactly what I needed, whether it be compassion or tough love. I have been to see many Naturopaths and other natural health practitioners over the years, but I have never had one who dealt with me so individually and so directly. It made me so motivated and determined to keep up with my plan knowing that I had someone always in my corner. When those three months were up and I walked into her office, I felt so proud to be able to show her the differences in me and say “I did it!” but I couldn’t have done it without her. Armed with the tools she gave me and a renewed sense of confidence in myself, I’m ready to take on life and be the best, healthiest version of myself that I can be." ~ C.C.

..."skin cleared up and energy restored"...

When I arrived at Alison’s door, my face was covered in eczema and I was completely depleted both physically and emotionally.  With her strong knowledge, gentle but consistent guidance and constant positive encouragement she helped me reclaim my life.  After just 3 months, my skin completely cleared up and my energy was restored.  There is no way to thank her properly.  She takes the time to create a program that requires commitment but is highly achievable.  She works with you every step of the way and is truly holistic in her approach.  She is passionate, caring and dedicated to the success of her clients.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health or lifestyle. ~A.S.


"I am empowered..."

I respect Alison’s approach.  Her thorough research on my current lifestyle including diet and exercise, my health concerns, my reasons for wanting to make changes, all motivated me to learn more.  Alison presented me with research on how to fight inflammation caused by arthritis and joint pain.  She also suggested I research the benefits of natural anti-inflammation supplements to try and the limitless benefits of being physically active. 

The decision to make changes was always mine.  My body, my choices.  Alison’s knowledge, and enthusiastic coaching continues to encourage me.

I am grateful!


“I can’t wait until next racing season!”

"Next Sunday I am doing something definitely out of my comfort zone,... I am running a marathon! My goal is simply to complete it and finish well. I wanted to share this with you because you have been a part of this, assisting me with my nutrition. With your help Alison, I have kept my weight off this winter and have trained for this race injury free. Thanks again for all of your help! I have learned a great deal!"

— R.B.

..."I needed an outside perspective..."
— As an athlete training for a goal race, I needed help fine tuning my nutrition and supplement regime. I had a good base knowledge and habits, but needed an outside perspective. Alison's approach was careful and considered based on my lifestyle, activity level and food preferences. Her expertise in supplements was especially helpful to ensuring my body was making the most of my careful nutrition and stress that training places on my body. Alison is passionate about the advice she gives and takes great care in researching and explaining her recommendations in a way that made sense to me. She was diligent to check in with me after the consultation and expressed genuine encouragement and joy in my successes. Thank you Alison! ~R.F.

"...very thorough,...very professional..."

Alison at Strive Nutrition took me on as a client with multiple health issues and she discovered that they mostly stemmed back to my diet. She was very thorough in her investigation and research of my health history and and very professional as to how she got me to answer sometimes embarrassing questions, but a necessary part of the procedure to get a clear picture. I am feeling much better as I continue on the diet and lifestyle she recommended. Thanks Alison.


"...believing in me when I was tempted to give up."

Alison's passion for health and nutrition is contagious! She is the real deal!! I presented to Alison with a history of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and was discouraged with how I was feeling generally. Alison's approach to my unique situation was gentle, yet very thorough.  She took the time to teach, encourage and support me through the entire 3 months I was working with her. Whether it was an informative email reminding me of why it was I started in the first place, an encouraging text message, or sharing her best recipes, I always felt tremendously cared for by Alison.

Never in the process did Alison put before me unrealistic changes or recommendations. She perfectly balanced my goals along with her wisdom to create an individual care plan that would set me on a better path to reaching optimal health - all the while cheerleading me on!

I am forever grateful for Alison's care and wisdom, and for believing in me when I was tempted to give up. 


"Finally, someone who understands..."

~ I have known Alison for many years and we have become good friends, we also share some of the same sensitivities. When she told me about her new adventure, I thought, finally someone who understands. 

 She has been a wonderful support during my training to run a half marathon and now with my long-term maintenance program, I'm confident that under her watchful eye I'll be the healthiest 50-plus I can be. ~J.R.

"...more life changing than I had ever imagined."

I initially went to see Alison because I felt out of control with the balance of my life. After years of extreme dieting and training, I felt like my body needed some care. As a woman approaching 40, I also wanted to be taking steps towards a healthier me.

Seeing Alison was more life changing than I had ever imagined. I truly thought she would give me some supplements! Instead, she helped me to look inward at every aspect of my life, which at times was certainly challenging.

My journey with Alison has made me realize how everything is connected and can effect your health. I have learned to manage my stress and stop living in a ‘training’ mindset. I have learned to look at the bigger picture when it comes to self care, self love and happiness. I have not weighed myself since I started with Alison. This has been liberating.

Alison is smart, knowledgeable, caring, tough when needed and thorough. She really takes the time to create a plan specially individual to you. I am happy to have her on my team and find her ongoing support so helpful. ~A.C.