Let's get real!

Alison takes a no-nonsense, direct approach to her clients' needs. Finding the balance between gentle support and butt-kicking is her specialty!


What we're about...

Located in Huntsville - Muskoka and servicing throughout Canada, Strive Holistic Nutrition creates individualized holistic programs tailored to meet your unique biochemical needs. We offer clear guidance and accountability to help you stay on program. Programs focus on nutrition, lifestyle, and most of all, education to address the root cause of health concerns. We provide close support to help you achieve your goals.

What we believe...

  • We become accustomed to not feeling well.

  • We convince ourselves that our health challenges are "just a part of getting older".

  • We feel overwhelmed with conflicting information about foods we "should" eat and supplements we "should" take, so we throw our hands up and say "I don't know what to think anymore!".

  • We want to take control of our health and aging but don't feel confident about where to begin.

  • We have good intentions when starting a new plan, but have a hard time sticking with it, and often feel like we failed.

  • We are NOT alone.

Investing in yourself can be a hard thing to do. But it can also be scary to consider the future without making the changes necessary to feel well again. 

What we offer...

STRIVE HOLISIC NUTRITION offers something for each person wanting to take even the smallest steps toward better health. From free monthly articles on Holistic Living in Muskoka, to a one year Whole Life Cleanse, in some way, you can get started.